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Online Learning

Parents, are you unsure of how your child's education will be in this new normal? Are you asking yourself,


  • Will my children absorb the lessons if it's online?

  • Will they be able to focus?

  • Will the teachers be able to deliver the lessons effectively? 

  • What if my children need extra help from a tutor? 

The sudden required push to online learning is not easy for everybody. But whatever your concern is for your children's education, or whether you enrolled or not this school year, YTC E-learning has something for you. 


This is why we introduced YTC E-learning.

If you're currently enrolled, YTC E-learning can help you:

Master that difficult subject

Enroll for one-on-one tutoring or in a low teacher-student ratio class

Excel in school

Tutors will guide students in answering school activities

Develop good study habits

With encouraging feedback and guidance from tutors

Didn't enroll this school year?
YTC E-learning can help you:

Choose the subject to focus on

Choose subjects that you want to prioritize learning

Study at your own pace

No fixed study schedule

Have more parent involvement

Parents can assist in doing and checking homework



Academic Tutorials

For students enrolled in school


(1 Academic Subject)

Monday to Friday,

20-40 minute sessions for

Grades 1-6

P2,500 per subject, per month

16 sessions, 30-40 minute sessions for Grades 7-12

P5,600 per subject, per month


(6 Academic Subjects)

(Math, Science, Reading, language, Filipino & AP) except CL or Christian Living

Monday to Friday,

20-40 minute sessions for

Grades 1-6

P6,500 per month

Exclusive One-on-One

(1 Academic Subject)

20-30 minute sessions for

Grades 1-3

P350 per session

30-40 minute sessions for

Grades 4-12

P500 per session

By appointment



Individualized Approach - maximum of 5 students per live session for Preferred & Premium


Homework Assistance

Teaching as Reinforcement of the school’s daily virtual classroom lessons

Access to Worksheets and Practice Tests as reinforcement of daily virtual classroom lessons

Review for the scheduled quizzes and assessments

Constant Monitoring of learner’s performance and progress


Academic Enrichment Classes

For students currently not enrolled in school

Grades 1-3




12 sessions per subject

20-25 minutes per session

P2,750 per subject


P6,000 for 3 subjects

Grades 4-6

Grades 7-10






12 sessions per subject

15 minutes per session

P2,000 per subject


P6,500 for 5 subjects

1 subject only

12 -15 live sessions, depending on subject

20 minutes per session

P2,750 - P3,500 per subject



Individualized approach with low teacher-student ratio

Access to Worksheets and Practice Tests


Aini S.

My son, Erin, has improved his study habits. It's now one less thing to worry about as a mom.

Anne M.

My two kids, grades 4 and 6 learn a lot from the sessions.

It also needs guidance from the parents as well.

Thank you, YTC Online!

Still deciding?

Here's a sample session:

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