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Learn to Speak Filipino


To recognize Filipino and respect it by appreciating the Filipino identity as they decide to begin their journey of unraveling an essential part of themselves by immersing in the language, gather and then carry bits and pieces of its rich culture and meaningful history, as they continue their journey and reach the destination of owning and embracing what is Filipino, be it culture, people or nation, making whole what was once deemed as half.


The Beginner’s Level is for the adventurous and daring learners- those who are willing  to venture into what is called “Filipino” because they know someone who is, or they  might have heard  or even known about it, but never really understood what it is.  

  • Module 1: Pamilyang Pilipino (The Filipino Family)

​Getting to know the members of the Filipino family, the culture of “po”, the  uniqueness of the pronouns, fondness and concern in conversation, and the family’s love for food and appreciation of eating together.

  • Module 2: Tahanan ng Pamilyang Pilipino (The Filipino Family's Home)

Getting to know the Filipino family’s abode, the evolution of  the humble bahay-kubo, the parts of the  Filipino family’s residence now, the individual and collective activities of the family in the house, culminating in the kitchen and dining room to once again highlight the Filipinos’ love for food  and  family during those special Pinoy celebrations like Pasko (Christmas) and Bagong Taon (New Year).

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Learn the Language, Culture and History

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