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Bring Back The Bonding Time With Your Kids While  Schooling At Home With Our Exclusive
One-On-One Tutorial

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Get 50%OFF if you enroll your child before Dec. 30, 2020

Why You Need A YTC Tutorial
For Your Child

  • We take care of academics so you can have more quality bonding time with your child.

  • You don't need to study the lessons to be able to teach your child.

  • No more fighting and shouting matches, or cold shoulder treatments between you and your child brought about by the demands and pressure of online learning.

  • You can devote your time to work/career while the child’s academic needs are supported by the tutor.

  • You will graduate from the feeling and pressure of being ‘enrolled’ and “classmates” with your own child.

  • You only need to check on the progress of your child and confer with the tutor.

  • Your child develops more effective study habits for accomplishing written works and performance tasks.

  • Your child progresses to be an independent learner.

  • Enrichment and follow up done during tutorial sessions sharpen the critical and problem-solving skills of your child.

  • Your child gets a firm grasp of his lessons and in the process copes with the learning modules and requirements.

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Get 50% OFF

When You Enroll Your Child Before Nov. 30, 2020


Grace Osabel

Grade 5 Parent

Rurik is always eager to attend his (online) sessions. Despite having no classes, YTC asks us if our child wants the session to keep him abreast with school tasks. Thank you to the team for the support


Giselle Anne Ramos-Aseron

Grade 4 Parent

It cannot be overemphasized how difficult online schooling is, not only to the kids, but also to us, parents. Children/students are given a short time to master the lessons taught during the regular class hours. With the help of YTC, students are given additional time to understand more the topics taught by our beloved teachers. YTC supplements the regular teaching of the schools we enrolled our children in.



Research Consultant, ADB

YTC's teachers made sure that student are equally attended to, and they don't bother giving extra assistance to those who need more.

What Our Clients Say

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Available Subjects

  • Maths (including Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry)

  • Sciences (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

  • Reading

  • Language

  • Filipino

Get 50% OFF

When You Enroll Your Child Before Nov. 30, 2020

Regular Rate

Php500 per session
(30 minutes per session)

Promo Rate

Only Php250 Per Session*


  • Enrollment of at least 24 sessions per student, per subject

  • Consume before Feb. 29, 2021

Get 50% OFF

When You Enroll Your Child Before Nov. 30, 2020

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